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  • List and rankings of all top prospects eligible for the 2025 NHL Entry Draft

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  • Oct 15, 2013 · Who is the toughest forward you have faced so far in the OHL? "Obviously, [Erie Otters'] Connor McDavid is one of the best players in the league ...

  • Alex Peters brings a clinical eye to being the second-last line of defence. The Plymouth Whalers rearguard is third in a line of brothers who have come through the Ontario Hockey League, following his brothers Justin and Anthony, who are … Continue reading

NHL draft tracker: Alex Peters, Plymouth Whalers - Yahoo Sports

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  • Which OHL player will be selected highest in the 2024 NHL Draft? Sam Dickinson (LDN); Liam Greentree (WSR); Zayne Parekh (SAG)

  • SUSPENSIONS: The following list of suspensions is for information purposes only. It should not be construed as necessarily a complete listing of all suspensions. TEAM PLAYER DATE DISCIPLINE RETURN MISS Stevie Leskovar Apr. 3 4 games Game 4 of 2024-25 GUE Max Namestnikov Mar. 28 4 games Game 2 of 2024-25 SAR Coach Alan Letang…

Ohl Hfboards (2024)


Who has gotten exceptional status in the OHL? ›

DuPont will become the ninth player in CHL history to be granted the status, joining Bedard, OHL stars John Tavares (2005), Aaron Ekblad (2011), Connor McDavid (2012), Sean Day (2013), Shane Wright (2109), Michael Misa (2022), as well as Joe Veleno (2015) in the QMJHL. Not bad company to join.

How many people from the OHL make it to the NHL? ›

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT – The #1 Development League in the WORLD

Since 1969, the OHL has had 2,510 players selected to the NHL, leading the world in total number of players drafted. This represents 20% of all players ever selected in the NHL Draft.

What is the OHL playoff format? ›

The OHL playoffs consist of the top 16 teams in the league, 8 from each conference. The teams play a best-of-seven game series, and the winner of each series advances to the next round. The final two teams eventually compete for the J. Ross Robertson Cup.

How many overtimes are there in OHL? ›

If tied at the end of regulation time, teams will not change ends, and play a ten (10) minute stop time sudden victory overtime period 5 on 5. If still tied, teams will play another ten (10) minute overtime period. If still tied after that, teams will retire to their dressing rooms while the ice is resurfaced.

Who is the 14 year old granted exceptional status? ›

Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta have granted 14-year-old defenseman Landon DuPont exceptional status, allowing him to play in the WHL as a 15-year-old next season.

Did Connor Bedard get exceptional status? ›

DuPont is now the ninth player and third defenceman to be granted exceptional status. Connor Bedard is the only other player to be given the special privilege in the WHL.

How many 16 year olds can an OHL team have? ›

OHL Member Teams are permitted to register a maximum of four 16 year old players selected in the OHL Priority Selection.

What is the oldest team in the OHL? ›

The Peterborough Petes have played 65 Ontario Hockey League seasons and are the oldest continuously operating franchise in the OHL. For a small community, Peterborough has become recognized globally as being a “Junior Hockey Factory”.

Is the WHL or OHL better? ›

The Ontario Hockey League. With 35 players taken in the NHL draft, the OHL made a statement to the rest of Canada. They are the top league in Major Junior Hockey, and while the others are good, the OHL just does things a little better. The WHL lands at the number 3 position.

Where is the OHL Cup 2024? ›

The OHL Cup presented by FPS Payment is a showcase of the top Under-16 'AAA' teams from across Ontario and the United States. The GTHL will again host the event at Scotiabank Pond and Mattamy Athletic Centre from March 25-30, 2024.

How many overagers are allowed in OHL? ›

Ontario Hockey League teams have the ability to carry three 20-year-old overage players each season.

Is fighting allowed in OHL? ›

The OHL, under commissioner David Branch, instituted mandatory suspensions for every fight after a player reached 10 in a season. There was nearly a 25 percent reduction in fights that first season. That cap was then reduced to three fights in 2016.

How many people have been granted exceptional status? ›

Dupont is the ninth player in CHL history to be granted exceptional status, following Michael Misa (2022), Shane Wright (2019), Sean Day (2013), Connor McDavid (2012), Aaron Ekblad (2011) and John Tavares (2005) in the OHL, as well as Joe Veleno (2015) in the QMJHL.

Did Landon DuPont get exceptional status? ›

Landon DuPont granted exceptional status to play in WHL as a 15-year-old.

Did Connor McDavid get exceptional status? ›

Both franchises' best players are products of the OHL. Edmonton's Connor McDavid was the third player to be granted exceptional status and the Erie Otters were the fortunate winners of the McDavid sweepstakes.

Did Gavin McKenna get exceptional status? ›

Although he was granted exceptional player status by BC Hockey and Hockey Alberta, the third such player after Connor Bedard and Matthew Savoie, he did not receive exceptional player status with the WHL. He recorded four points in his WHL debut, and finished his first season with 18 points in 16 games.


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